Code / Design / Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences i.G. Berlin

A New Kind of University for the Digital Pioneers of Tomorrow

We need your support to launch in 2017!

There’s still a steep road ahead of us in making CODE a reality. Accre­ditation, fundraising, finishing the curriculum, recruiting, spreading the word – we’re working on all of that.

Therefore we are currently gathe­ring a community of supporters that share our vision and are seeking advisors, lecturers, professors, part­ners and investors for the journey that lies before us. Get involved!

For Developers, Designers & Digital Entrepreneurs

Software is eating the world, with the web as its technology platform. Developers, designers and digital entrepreneurs are the engine of this new economy.

CODE wants to be the place where young talented men and women in these fields feel welcome and appreciated, where they can develop their potential to create something meaningful and have a positive impact on society.

A Bachelor’s Degree That Prepares You for Reality

We’re establishing a private, interna­tional, state-accredited university of applied sciences and a campus for the digital tech economy in Germany.

A university that is to computer science what business schools are to economic studies. As modern as the digital world but still a renowned academic institution. An institution connected with the vibrant network of startups and tech companies that enable our future growth and prosperity.

Study While Doing the Stuff You Actually Love

We believe that nothing is more powerful and motivating than passion in what you do. We teach, encourage and support you in following your own ideas.

Learn From Expert Lecturers & Professors

Our lecturers and professors are experienced real-world problem solvers. They teach the knowledge you need and coach you in reaching your goals.

Collaborate & Team Up with Fellow Students

The core of our study programs are real-world projects where you plan, design and engineer products as part of interdisciplinary teams.

What We Believe In

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.Alan Kay, Computer Pioneer

Diversity over Uniformity

Whether it’s the students we seek or the ways they learn and grow – we want CODE to be a multifaceted place for men and women from all back­grounds. So we can learn from each other.

Theory needs Practice

Students shouldn’t learn theory isolated from practice. We believe that practice gives meaning to and enriches theory and that theory helps to reflect and learn from practice.

Growing Together

Nothing provides a better chance for personal growth than taking on challenging projects and succeeding as part of an interdisciplinary team while learning from peers.

Creativity Over Control

It’s not about confronting students with preselected knowledge and simply letting them reproduce that but about empowering them to be creative problem solvers who know how to learn.

Study Programs

Software Engineering B.A.

Software engineers solve real-world problems by crafting code in a multitude of environments, disci­plines and lang­uages – on their own and in teams.

  • Progr. Languages

    Procedural, Functional, Object-Oriented, Calculus, …

  • Math & Algorithms

    Sorting, Parsing, Compression, Crypto, Type Theory, O(n), NP

  • Databases

    RDBMS, KV Stores, Document DBs, Graph/Object DBs, …

  • Computer Architecture

    Instruction Set & Micro­architect., System Design, OS, Memory

  • Tools & OS

    OS Internals, Dynamic Link Libraries, Console, …

  • Planning & QA

    Software Architecture, Testing, QA, Agile PM, Stakeholder Mgmt

  • DevOps

    Cloud Computing, High Availability, Security, Scaling

  • Collaboration

    Version Control, Issue Tracking, Team Work, Documentation

Interaction Design B.A.

Interaction designers use technology to identify user needs and then design, engineer and validate corresponding user interfaces and experiences.

  • Graphic Design

    Visual Arts, Composition, Raster-based, Vector-based

  • Interface Engineering

    Implementation, Frontend Development

  • Interface Design

    Usability, Information Architecture, GUI Design

  • HTML/CSS Engineering

    Semantic HTML, CSS, Modern Web Technologies

  • UX Design

    Human-computer interaction, Accessibility

  • Mobile UI Engineering

    iOS, Android, Swift,
    Objective C

  • Animation Design

    Visual Effects, Transitions, Visualization

  • Lab Testing

    Split Testing, Lab Testing, Data-driven Product Design

Product Management B.A.

Product managers develop strategies and concepts for digital products, coordinate their development, analyze and validate ideas and help them grow.

  • Project Management

    Stakeholder Mgmt, Agile Methods, Disaster Recovery

  • Entrepreneurship

    Business Mgmt, Customer Development, Social Skills

  • Data Science

    Data-driven Mgmt, Business Intelligence, Controlling

  • Leadership

    Team Mgmt, Vision, Motivation, Collaboration

  • Prototyping

    Wireframing, MVP, Fast Iteration, Release Mgmt

  • Online Marketing

    Growth Hacking, Audience Targeting, Branding

  • Design Thinking

    Solution-based Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity

  • Testing

    Split Testing, Lab Testing, Data-driven Product Development

Prelaunch Disclaimer

We’re still pending accreditation and seeking state-approval as a University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Since we have no students yet, all photos were created with the support of our friends at Stock Photo University.